The following are comments from some of my current clients.

After many years and different massage therapists, I have found the best: Bonnie Hertlein. I feel blessed to receive the body work she gives. She is able to read my body with her hands and knows precisely how to treat it. Her touch is magical, sometimes light as a feather and sometimes painful with pressure but always exactly what is needed. My body feels so soothed, understood and cared for after she has given me a massage that it would smile if it could. Bonnie is also consistently the best, always giving her utmost and her fees are very correct.  Pam 

I  am an avid runner and had been struggling with lower abdominal pain for 2 months.  I decided to go see my physician who of course told me to back off of running.  I tried explaining where my pain was and that it felt like a side stitch only way down low.  He barely examined the area and I felt my concern falling on deaf ears.  After 2 weeks of no improvement, I went back to the doctor.  He told me I did not give it enough time and to come back in 4-6 weeks.  After being frustrated I decided to go see Bonnie Hertlein.  She listened to my concern and worked on my abdomen and connected areas for an hour.  Her opinion was that my pain could be due to tight psoas muscles.  She recommended some stretches I could do at home which I did consistently  and 2 weeks later the pain was gone.  Bonnie was a life saver for me.  She shows true warmth and caring and her hands are magical.  I highly recommend her service for anyone who needs or wants someone who really listens and cares.  Than you so much Bonnie!!!        Connie Rowden,  Runner and P.E. Teacher

On top of being the best massage therapist I have experienced, Bonnie Hertlein gives an amazing Lymph Drainage treatment. My skin feels so refreshed and my body so whole and fluid it is wonderful. It is like a blissful shower in the inside. A special treat for me, that I don’t want to miss for the rest of my life.  Pam